The program is intended for psychologists, doctors, pastors, priests, lay ministers involved in counselling, children’s pastors with degrees in pedagogy, students of psychology and theology, as well as parents without specialized education. It has been established in response to a societal demand in psychological help for children and teenagers.



The program is designed to provide theoretical knowledge and to form practical skills for working with children and teenagers by developing competence in providing psychological counselling to children, teenagers and their parents.


Program Objectives

  • to familiarize students with the age-specifics of the psychological development of children and teenagers
  • to systematize and analyze the stages of ontogenesis (i.e. the main age-related norms of development)
  • to shed light on the various difficulties of children’s age stages and problems in education
  • to master the main methods of diagnostics, to set goals and tasks in counselling, to realize opportunities and restrictions when working with children and teenagers
  • to familiarize students with modern methods of psychological counselling and psycho-correctional work with children and teenagers
  • to provide an opportunity for continuing education to qualified psychologists
  • to consider the peculiarities of psychological correction in the context of familial relationships
  • to master specific methodology which makes use of art therapy, nondirective play therapy, teenagers’ play therapy
  • to uncover therapeutical mechanisms used in work with children and teenagers;
  • to practice and observe special methodology and therapy sessions.



  • individual work, work in pairs, group work
  • didactic teaching
  • case studies
  • demonstrations of sessions and subsequent analysis
  • processing tested technological techniques
  • practical observation


Age Requirements

Applicants older than 23 years old and ready to actively participate in the academic process are preferred.