Psychological Counselling and Trauma Therapy is a  two-level graduate certificate program. The program provides complex training to trauma therapists who assist victims of trauma in overcoming psychological crises. It is intended for specialists or church ministers who serve people (Level 1) and practicing psychologists (Level 2). The first level of the program is more general. It is open to anyone interested in psychological trauma (e.g. lay ministers, pastors, volunteers, activists, teachers, church counsellors, priests). The second level of the program is designed for professionals with degrees in psychology.


Program Uniqueness


  • Established in partnership with Regent University (Virginia, USA)
  • Contextualized for Ukraine (war, chaplains, refugees)
  • Certified instructors and experienced psychological counselors from the USA and Ukraine
  • Training includes counselling mentorship
  • Certified training in EMDR to treat PTSD
  • Th opportunity to grow professionally alongside friends, colleagues and partners